Top 10 teaching tips for university lecturers

Teaching is one of the profession with a number of opportunities to explore, from just being a primary teacher, Secondary school, lecturer to being a professor. It’s not as easy as its thought to be and it can be daunting, and based on your institution, the training offered to get you ready for this task … [Read more…]

10 Indicators of Efficient Teaching

The quality of formal as well as informal teaching is determined by the quality of learning output, which is not easy to determine. However, the following ten indicators can be considered for measuring the success of teaching. So, Ten indicators of efficient teaching: i) Active involvement of students An active involvement of students in this … [Read more…]

Essential Teaching Strategies to Deliver an Effective Lesson

Teaching is almost as old as the age of human being civilization. As human being civilization, culture and technology have evolved over time, teaching strategies to deliver effective lesson have evolved too. Technology changes have changed the way people teach and learn dramatically. In order to deliver an effective lesson to the students, teaching strategies … [Read more…]